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Zhuhai Daily--Science and Technology Segment of Great Aim Group May Return to ZhuhaiRelease time:

Interview with Chairman Yang of Great Aim Group

On real estate segment: Focused on Zhuhai, with a third strategic deployment launched

 Reporter: Great Aim Group used to take root in Zhuhai, and now has deployed in Shenzhen and Huizhou too. Can you introduce the specific strategic deployment in Shenzhen and Huizhou?

 Yang: From 2012 to the autumn of 2016, Great Aim Group had completed a third strategic deployment in real estate segment

 In 2012 we entered the first-tier city Shenzhen for the first time. The first phase of Great Aim Central City developed by us was put into market on May 1, 2016, which was highly praised by the market. In 2016, with the implementation of "Expansion Eastward" strategy in Shenzhen, we began to deploy in Huizhou too.

 At present, our real estate business has been developed into three parts, the part in Zhuhai headquarters, the part in Shenzhen and the part in Huizhou. We have been developing and reserved a total floor area of over 4 million ㎡. This is the starting stage in the third strategic deployment in real estate segment. In accordance with the group's strategic planning, the group's real estate expansion will grow with an annual increase of 2 million ㎡.

On technology segment: Commercialization nationwide to achieve an annual output value over  50 billion Yuan

 Reporter: Great Aim Group has put forward a development strategy of "one body with two wings". As far as I am concerned, the two wings refer to real estate segment and high-tech segment. We have known much about the former segment, so can you introduce more about the high-tech segment?

 Yang: In 2016, our real estate segment ushered in a leap in quality, and our high-tech segment also made remarkable achievements. Our Optical Communication Company has innovatively applied white light communication technology in the field of indoor positioning, which has filled a gap of the field in China and even in the world. By the first half of 2016, the company's invention patents had increased from 7 to 32, which took the lead in the world. At present, our white light communication technology has been successfully applied in fields such as coal mine industry, smart shopping cart app, smart warehousing and logistics management system, underground public parking lot positioning and navigation and smart service robot indoor positioning and navigation system.

 Reporter: What achievements have been made by these scientific research and technological fruits in commercialization?

 Yang: The "KJ975 miners positioning management system" developed by us received a "coal mine product safety standard license" from the state in February 2016. With the light emitted by mine lights as the carrier, the system can achieve a high-accuracy positioning within 0.5 meters, which is significant to the rescue in a mine accident. The system has provided important professional technical support for mine production management. The company plans to expand 50 mine projects and cover lane-ways with a total length of 3,000 km from 2017 to 2020. The supporting facilities supplied by our Optical Communication Company will consist of lane-way positioning light, miner's lamp for positioning, other auxiliary systems such as power cable and wireless substation. Estimated by the market share of Hengqin Great Aim Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. under the group, at present it can realize an annual output value above  3 billion Yuan.

 Reporter: As far as I am concerned, at present positioning and navigation of underground public parking lot has been realized by some enterprise in Zhuhai. What is the difference between Great Aim's white light communication technology and the existing technologies?

 Yang: In a large parking lot, when car owners forget where they have parked their car, they can locate their car with white light communication technology. As long as the lights in the parking lot are upgraded into lights mounted with a location module, with an App installed on the mobilephone, the users can easily find their car. Besides, for public facilities such as stadium, shopping mall or underground parking lot, when there is an instant increase of human traffic, the security and human traffic pressure will become very high. Therefore, the white light communication technology of Great Aim can divert and manage the human traffic at the site conveniently at the backstage system based on location.

 Reporter: How does the actual commercialization of the technology go on now?

 Yang: We have established a close cooperative relationship with BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd., the largest producer of display screens and LED lights. Both sides have signed a cooperation agreement with an average annual sales of 500,000 smart positioning lights. Besides, both sides have also reached an intention of cooperation with ETCP, a leading enterprise of smart parking lot at home. Three sides plan to promote the application of white light communication technology in public parking lots nationwide. ETCP has cooperated with over 3,000 parking lots in eight large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chongqing. The "navigation and reverse vehicle tracking system for underground parking lots" developed by Great Aim Optical Communication Co., Ltd. can effectively solve the "difficulty of navigation and vehicle tracking in the underground space" and be complementary with ETCP. Meanwhile, we plan to promote the said system among underground parking lots across the country. By 2016, there are over 200 million cars across China. With the development of urbanization, the scale of parking lots to be built in China will be increasingly large. It is predicted that by 2020, there will be over 300 million parking spaces across the country, and over 90,000 parking lots will be needed. Calculated by an area of 10 ㎡ for each parking space, by 2020, the floor area of all parking lots needed will reach 3 billion ㎡ (the underground parking lots will account for approximately 30%). The promotion and application of "reverse vehicle tracking system for underground parking lots" on a large scale across the nation will drive the sales of positioning lamps, which will ultimately yield an annual output value not less than  5 billion Yuan.

 Reporter: I have learned from earlier news report that the technology segment of Great Aim has made a success in Shijiazhuang, in what aspects specifically?

 Yang: We have managed to develop a "smart shopping cart for supermarkets" which integrates functions such as commodity retrieval, shopping navigation, targeted advertisement push based on location and big data operation. The cart is currently the smart shopping terminal with the most complete functions across the world. At present it has finished technology verification in TKL Supermarket of Shijiazhuang and made a success. By 2025, it's expected that the project will realize an annual output value not less than  30 billion Yuan.

 In addition, we have also achieved a good commercialization effect in areas such as smart warehousing and logistics management system, indoor positioning and navigation system for smart service robots (with a positioning accuracy within 15 cm, the system can truly make the service robot "smart"). At present the technology scheme has passed the appraisal and is under testing. It's predicted that by 2020, this robot system can at least yield an annual output value of  10 billion Yuan.

 Nevertheless, in addition to real estate and high-tech segments, the group has introduced an important propeller--the financial segment. At the end of 2016, through increase in capital and share, the group joined the financial sector of central enterprises. At present, the segment is still under the procedure of review and approval. I will not disclose more details about it for the time being.

On the affection with Zhuhai: Zhuhai is where our corporate responsibility lies

 Reporter: On the capping ceremony of Great Aim International Building in Hengqin on January 9, we learned that the headquarters of Great Aim Group will be relocated to Hengqin, along with its high-tech segment. However, as far as I am concerned, it will only be the technology headquarters of the group's LED white light communication industry, where will be the production base of the industry located?

 Yang: At present, the whole operation center of our high-tech segment is set in Hengqin, among which our White Light Communication Research Institute and Product R&D Center, etc. will all be relocated to Great Aim International Building. However, only the production base of miners positioning management system involved in coal mine industry is set in Linfen, the commercialization of the other technologies such as smart shopping cart for supermarkets, positioning and navigation system for underground parking lots have always been mixed with the experimental base set in Changzhou.

 With the rapid commercialization of our scientific research achievements across the country, at present it has involved the selection of a site for the volume production of the products.

 Reporter: Do you have any suitable option of site?

 Yang: If the conditions are mature, we will consider relocating the production base of our entire high-tech segment back to Zhuhai, for Great Aim Group is an enterprise indigenous to Zhuhai and Zhuhai is also where our corporate responsibility lies. If we relocate our high-tech segment back to Zhuhai, it will contribute to the economic construction of Zhuhai.

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